Image: Marine Power Systems – PelaFlex
What is an offshore wind farm?
Why are we developing offshore wind? What are the advantages versus onshore wind?
What is floating offshore wind (FOW)?
How expensive is offshore wind?


How are floating turbines fixed in place and in what water depth?
What impact will extreme weather events have on the wind infrastructure?

Simply Blue Group and Nomadic Offshore Wind

Who is the Simply Blue Group?
What track record does the Simply Blue Group have in Offshore Renewables?
Why is Simply Blue Group focused on floating wind projects over fixed bottom wind projects?
What is the scale of the Nomadic Offshore Wind project?

Community Benefits

What are the Employment Opportunities?
Will local businesses be given the opportunity to supply the project?

Potential Impact

Will there be disruption onshore?
Do wind turbines impact on seabirds or other marine life?
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