About Nomadic Offshore Wind

Image: Marine Power Systems – PelaFlex

Nomadic Offshore Wind is a floating wind project, with a proposed 100 MW pre-commercial size project of 100MW and up to 500MW of capacity, located between Northern Ireland and Islay, Inner Southern Hebrides (Scotland)

Due to its unique location, the project is currently exploring routes to market including supporting a Green Energy Park and the production of hydrogen and e-fuels. The project is currently in planning stage and will support the UK’s overall goal to decarbonise the energy system and provide increased local security of supply.

The Nomadic Offshore Wind project is a stepping-stone project that is following the philosophy that Simply Blue Group is using in the Celtic Sea. Along with a strong focus on supply chain, it will provide a platform to verify innovative routes to market solutions.

Nomadic Offshore Wind will provide an opportunity for the local supply chain to gear up for commercial-scale offshore opportunities that Scotland can offer.

This will allow both regions of the UK to maximise the financial benefit of its strong offshore wind resource and generate long term jobs for its local communities, while contributing to the UK government’s target of 1GW of operational floating offshore wind by 2030.

Our Vision
Image: Marine Power Systems – PelaFlex
Our Vision

Blue Energy Future

35km – 60km

Coastal Distance


Total Capacity

40,000 homes

Equivalent potential power

Image: Marine Power Systems – PelaFlex
Image: Marine Power Systems – PelaFlex
Floating Offshore Wind

Floating wind foundations are normally used in deep waters where fixed foundations are no longer economically feasible.

Floating Offshore Wind(FOW) Technology

Space for fixed foundations is scarce in many countries (including the UK) as development of fixed wind projects has been happening for the last 15 years. The recent ScotWind allocation in Scotland proved the rise of Floating wind foundations with a pipeline of up to 15GW of floating wind out of total 25GW of allocation. Therefore, floating wind is going to play a particularly vital role in the development of offshore wind pipelines in many countries.

Other Simply Blue
Energy Projects

In March 2020, The Simply Blue Group announced a partnership with the energy giant Total to develop the Blue Gem Wind floating offshore wind portfolio, starting with Erebus, a 96 MW capacity project which will be in the Celtic Sea off the Welsh coast. This project will utilise semi-submersible WindFloat technology developed by Principle Power Inc.

The Simply Blue Group announced Emerald in July 2020, another floating offshore wind project, off the south coast of Cork in the vicinity of the Kinsale gas platform which is currently being decommissioned. This project envisions the transformation of the maritime landscape in the area from a fossil fuel producing site into a zone for clean, renewable offshore wind energy. Find out more here.

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